Advertisement Panels / Sign Board Panels / Designing Panels

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Model Number: M009

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Minimum Order Quantity: 600 76

Packaging Details: wooden package of LCL shipment

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Advertisement Panels / Sign Board Panels / Designing Panels
Aluminum Composite Panels manufactured by our factory are also used for Advertisement Purpose also.
Such as
a) Sign Boards
The use of these panels are a sign board is one of the best application of the panels. As innitially there were huge heavy boards which does the same job but during heavy rains or storms, these boards use to create a huge distruction if fell on any car or roads. Although these panels can only work upto 2 to 5 years and were observed as Rusted Material, but Aluminum Composite Panels on the same hand were quite handy and easy to install and remove. Their average life is for 15 to 20 years depending on weather conditions

b) Advertisement Boards/ Fascia of Shops
Our Panels are also  being used at Advertisment boards on petrol pumps or on different departmental stores for advertisement purpose. The reason behind is that these panels are quite easy to install, they are competitive in prices than any other material and work for longer period of time. These are the only requirements of any Shop keeper or any advertiser, and our panel is quite capable to fulfil them easily.

1) Front side: aluminum roll coated with  polyester,pvdf,Nano
2) Core: plastic fireproof material
3) Rear side: aluminum coated with polyester or as requested   
2. Basic structure of Aluminium composite panel
 1)      Protective film from  Novacel, France
2)      Coating-basic level (polyester)   Or PVDF coating
3)      Ground coating=premier coating
4)      Aluminum Alloy sheet  1100 H14
5)      Macromolecule adhesive made by SK Korea, more than 90 degrees.
6)      LDPE(recycled-plastic) no-toxic Or fire-rated material
7)      Macromolecule adhesive made by SK Korea, more than 90 degrees.
8)      Aluminum Alloy sheet 1100 H14
9)      Ground coating premier coating

a.Super werther resistance
b.Light weight easy to process
c.Excellent fire resistance
d.Excellent impact strength
e.Uniform and colorful coating
f.Easy maintenance...and so on
4.Range of applications
1). Can be widely used in galleries, exhibitions, saloons, stores,
offices, banks, hotels, restaurants, and apartments .
2). Other kinds of buildings: as ideal decorative materials for the outer-wall and inner-wall of buildings.
3). Kitchen cabinets, billboards, signboards, tunnels and subway interiors.
4). Ceilings, eaves, balconies, partitions and interior decorations.
5). Telephone booths, vehicle bodies, and industrial usages.
6). Re-decoration of the old building

1)Under natural climate ,film coating will be no flake .no rubbles ,no vestige and no pulverization.
2)Under common rubbles.
3)Under common temperatures and radiation,no color deferent.
4)According to international test standard,all the tested items are satisfied with high-class.
5)Our products with PVDF coating which produced under GB/T17748-2008 is with 70% PVDF.and under common environment,we can guarantee 15~20 years;and for FR products,it is good at fireproof,and the FR grade is A2 ,B1(according to the standard Q B8624).
6.seaworthy packing:
(These are base on some normal dimensions ,the actual quantity should according to your final dimensions ) .
1) 20 ft container: 2mm panel-6000M2, 3mm panel-5000M2, 4mm panel-4000M2, 5mm panel-3000M2.
2) 40 ft container:2mm panel-8000M2, 3mm panel-7000M2, 4mm panel-6000M2, 5mm panel-5000M2.