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GUANGZHOU XINGHE ACP Is Planning To Introduce New Product Models

Published On: 2014-06-23 11:37:03

here has been some news recently that the company known as GUANGZHOU XINGHE ACP CO, LTD has announced to have launched its new product line and the company has made this statement that the new product line would  prove to be somewhat more appealing to its customers that are spread all over the world.

The list of products that the company has announced to be launching list like this:

1.       Exterior wall Material

2.       Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panels

3.       Mirror Aluminum Composite Panels

4.       Wall Plastic Panels

The company has also made a statement that these products have been designed with proper engineering equipments and material which has helped increase the quality of these products.

GUANGZHOU XINGHE ACP CO, LTD is a globally recognized named that manufactures all types of tiles and other interior and exterior design material. The company has been serving the industry to its fullest and which has gained it world popularity.