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Effects of FIFA World Cup 2014 on Building Materials Industry

Published On: 2014-07-11 09:13:11

The whole world is talking about Fifa world cup. From a teenager to a mature person, every person is being crazy behind this mega event of this year. When we talk about businesses, then hundreds of industries have made great profit from this event.

When we talk about construction and building materials industry, then the construction of football stadiums in Brazil were one of the top revenue generating businesses. Aluminum composite panels’ manufacturers from all around the world contributed in construction of ultra modern architectures.

On the other hand, advertising industries weather paper advertising or digital advertising also became one of the top profitable businesses this year. Advertisements of Fifa world cup were almost everywhere at every channel at every road of brazil. Advertising boards were also made from aluminum composite material imported from china and other Asian countries. In short, for building materials industry Fifa world cup has proven very good in all over the world.