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Product Catalog of Exterior Wall Materials

Aluminum Based Exterior Wall Materials By Guangzhou

grey colored aluminum based exterior material on Nissan Building

ACPs have become increasingly popular for cladding exterior wall surface with different types, shapes and textures that can be occupied in one equation. Exterior wall materials often known as aluminum wall cladding must be multipurpose in application as they must be durable, well Insulated, and offer unfading aesthetic for long term utilization. The endless varieties of composite panels contain a mixture of contrast shades and colors in order to furnish your residence with a well maintained outline and remarkable attraction for neighbors At Guangzhou Xinghe Acp Co, Ltd, exterior Wall Materials category features a range of contemporary style panels that you can mount according your personal taste and decoration.In modern building and construction projects, physical properties and material characteristics determine the life span of the architecture. Resisting properties of exterior wall panels ensure to protect the building structure from environmental hazards. The only reason why contractors prefer aluminum composite panels as primary choice of installation is their resisting capabilities in nature. Aluminum composite panels are resistant to moisture and wind pressure which prevents the exterior of building from corrosion and erosion. Moreover the exterior wall covering must be economical and cost effective so the dweller can replace or retain exterior walls for longer life span.

Following are the specifications for aluminum wall material offered by us:
Total Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
Aluminum Thickness: 0.21, 0.25, 0.30, 0.35, 0.40, 0.45, 0.50mm
Coating: PVDF
Color: All solid colors
Color standard: KYNER-500 (Internationally recognized)
Warranty: 15 years (even more depending on the weather conditions)

External wall materials are also referred as aluminum composite materials having noncombustible and fire-resistant properties. These high performance commercial building materials are also taken under practice as exterior insulation finishing system. External wall materials are lightweight in composition with glass grade finish that provides exquisite emergence and protective barrier for cladding the external façade of the architecture.
Aluminum composite panels designed by Guangzhou Xinghe Acp Co, Ltd are eco-friendly in nature with greater aesthetics and greater R-value than plywood, brick and other counter materials. Our insulated exterior wall materials are lightweight in composition which saves 20% more time than ordinary installation. So why not contact for the latest quote about our strong, durable and elegant aluminum composite and aluminum plastic wall panels that can become an eternal piece of art for your everlasting accommodation