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Exporters of Best Quality Aluminium Composite Panels (ACM Panels)

Who We Are? | The Supplier of Aluminum Plastic Composite Panels

Guangzhou Xinghe Aluminum Composite panel co. ltd was founded in 2001. We are the top global exporters of light weight XPS Boards, aluminum plastic composite panels (ACM Panels). We are proud to have a team of experts with exquisite knowledge of Sandwich panels . We have very advanced automatic production lines of aluminum composite panels which we actually have imported from Germany. Being a composite panel supplier, Guangzhouacp ensures quality standards at their best. Our plant has very efficient and advanced Japanese aluminum plastic production technology. Hence we manufacture high quality exterior and interior aluminum wall panels by considering our end users satisfaction first. Aluminium Composite panels suppliers usually have to keep introducing new products to maintain their credibility in the international market which our company is doing.

Aluminum composite panel manufacturer and supplier
Global Appreciation of Products:

Xinghe as an aluminium composite panel manufacturer and supplier own a very strict quality assurance system which is basically ISO certified. We were admired by the Bureau of building materials industry of china and they labeled our goods as Green Building Material Products. Hence we successfully passed the quality examination of building materials research center of state. Ministry of construction also rated our products as excellent quality. Our further list of products include interior aluminum wall panels, exterior essentials, road hoardings, advertising boards, fascia of shops and departmental stores.

Certification Rights for Aluminium Composite Panels Importers :

Certifications really matters when one is going to judge the credibility of manufacturer of aluminium composite panels. Our dedicated teams of designers are highly skilled and professional in their fields. They are actually the reason for us being number 1 aluminum composite panel manufacturers and suppliers since 5 years. We have several international certifications like ISO 9001-2008, SGS, PPG, CE, KYNER and many more. Apart from that our factory has got enough authority to provide import certificates to different importers as per the region’s requirement and other shipping requirements, like normally we do for Nigeria by providing them SONCAP which is a necessary requirement for Nigerian importers.

Applications of Aluminum Composite panels :

The use of Aluminum composite panels is not basically limited to commercial places, like corporate buildings, trade stores, shops rather the use of Aluminum plastic composite panel is spreading with the passage of time, aluminum panels are being used for home interior and exterior decoration, which basically enhances the beauty of a house and make it look even adorable. They can be used in house interiors as well as exterior too. Interior aluminum wall panels can be the best choice as a decorative wall material for home improvement.

International Rules of Manufacturing & Target Markets

Production of composite panels of aluminum is a very long process which requires proper resources and management. Aluminium composite panel manufacturing process is very long and requires large area for production. Also proper transportation of materials is an important part in the whole manufacturing process so manufacturers like Guangzhouacp Company maintains all international rules and regulations in this regard.
Manufacturers of composite panels of aluminium considers target markets as very important factor in determining the quality and type of the panel. For an aluminum composite panel manufacturer, important thing is to reach the target market and that is why we have established our own suppliers network globa...